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3D Multilayer Zirconia Blocks/Blanks

  • Product Item : Z2
  • Category: Zirconia Block
  • Brand Name:XANGTECH
  • Flexural Strength:600-900Mpa
  • Translucency:45-49%
  • Color:A1-D4
  • Product description:3D Multilayer Zirconia Blocks/Blanks
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3D Multilayer Ceramics Zirconia Blocks/Blanks


XANGTECH 3D dental zirconia is a new multilayer full contour zirconia that can be used for all cases. To produce this new material

we have invested a lot of time and effort to collaborate in-depth with the raw material producer to meet four demanding criteria:
1. Anterior translucency for incisors (total light transmission rate over 50%)
2. A multilayer color gradient (6 layers)
3. High strength to support the bridge restorations (600Mpa-1250Mpa)
4. High fracture toughness to resist chipping (reach 5 Mpa m1/2)
This material from XANGTECH has integrated aesthetics and strength in one. It virtually removes all of the previous restrictions

of traditional dental zirconia material, and allows technicians to explore the new possibilities.


Items SST 3D Multilayer Zirconia Discs UT 3D Multilayer Zirconia Discs
Flexural Strength(Mpa) 900-1250 600-900
Translucency 42%-46% 45-49%
Stering Temper.(C) 1500 1500
Shades All 16 Vita,White All 16 Vita,White
Indications Bridge with 7 teeth Limited to 3 bridges

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