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  • NSK Irrigation Tube
NSK Irrigation Tube

NSK Irrigation Tube

Ref.#: JL-70034

Material: PVC & Silicon

Matching Implant Motors:

NSK (Surgic XT / Surgic XT PLUS / Variosurg)

FRIADENT (FRIOS unit S / Si), 3i (Surgical Unit), STRAUMANN

BIOMET 3i (Osseocision), KYOCERA (Implantor Neo)

ASEPTICO (AEU 7000 / AEU 6000)

W&H (Implantmed), Saeshin, Dentium, Saeyang

NOBELBIOCARE (80 / Osseo set 100 / 200 / Osseocare)

Packaging: 20 pieces/bag, 15 bags/carton (300 pieces/carton)


1. Comply with EU Standards, sold popularly in several European markets.

2. Comply with original parts. Tube diameters accurately fit for different brands’ motor and hand pieces. Have variety of models to fit different brands’ implant motor.

3. Smooth flowing of water, low vibration, water-tight connection between parts to ensure no leaking.

4. Tubing has the right softness to ensure non-bending, less aging.

5. Includes single waterway and double waterway for internal and external irrigation. External irrigation ensures a direct cooling of bone surface, and the internal irrigation avoids the overheating of the surgical bur.

6. Includes clamps to ensure easy operation, to hanging tube away from the operating area.

7. Can be customize made according to customer requirements.

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