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  • VHF Milling Burs K4/K5
VHF Milling Burs K4/K5

VHF Milling Burs K4/K5

  • Product Item : LD16
  • Category: Milling Bur
  • Size:0.6,1.0,2.0mm
  • Product description:VHF Milling Burs K4/K5
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Our solid carbide end mills,compatible with mainstream CAD/CAM machines or system,are good choice for trimming zirconia porcelain,titanium,cobalt-chromium alloy,PMMA,etc.
While DC and TiAIN coating are for ziconia,ALNOVA coating is targeted at metals,CrN coating is especially suitable for PMMA.The DC coating end mills can reach 8 to 10 times of the service life.TiAIN Coating is very cost-effective.

Customization services are offered upon request!

Burs Type:

DC coated burs,600-800 units for zirconia

TiAIN Coated burs,200-250 units for zirconia

Without coated burs,120-150 units for zirconia

CrN coated burs,200 units for PMMA!

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