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Nanyang Liandong

Nanyang Liandong Biotechnology Co.,Ltd.  is a leading innovatorManufacturer and Supplier. Sales and service of dental lab equipment and materiallaboratory furnace and related spare parts! 

Our main products include: Dental 3D scanner3D printerZirconia sintering furnaceSoft metal sintering furnaceVacuum porcelain furnaceDental press furnaceMuffle furnaceTube furnaceAtmosphere FurnaceVacuum Furnace.

HT zirconia blockST Zirconia BlockSST Zirconia BlockUT Zirconia BlockPreshaded zirconia blockMultilayer zirconia BlockMultilayer 3D zirconia blockMilling BursPMMA blankMultilayer PMMA blankAcetal blankLithium disilicatePeek BlockWax blankCrCO alloy blankTitanium BlockStone Grinder. etc.                                                                                

We serve customers in more than 25 countries and regions around the world!

Our management principle is “Strive to let customers get cost-effective products!” 

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