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  • ST multilayer zirconia block
  • ST multilayer zirconia block
ST multilayer zirconia blockST multilayer zirconia block

ST multilayer zirconia block

  • Product Item : ST ML
  • Category: Dental Zirconia Block
  • 30-80usd
  • Flexural strength:1250Mpa
  • Translucency:43%
  • Color:20 colors
  • Product description:ST multilayer zirconia block solves the uneven staining and the problem of unnatural color transition
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 ST multilayer zirconia block


ST multilayer zirconia saves the procedure of internal shading, and perfectly solves theuneven shading and unnatural color transition problem wildy existing in all-ceramic restoration operations. It can easily restore the vivid aesthetic effect from the neck of the teeth to the incisal edge of the teeth, just like human natural teeth.

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XANTECH zirconia block is made of the SINOCERA zirconia powder to assure its properties stable.XANGTECH zirconia blocks/discs are compatible with different brands of CAD/CAM system and manual system, such as Roland system,Zirkonzhn system,Aman Girrbach system Sirona Inlab system, kavo system, Wieland system.